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Can a non-decorative shofar have its exterior painted? Sez who? (This question is apropos of a current culture discussion that I hope we do not discuss here. I just am curious about whether a shofar used religiously can be painted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a painted shofar.)

There is a current debate about a person and a game. If you don’t know, you’re better off. Please do not derail this conversation about that.

But one part of the debate that I do find interesting is the question:

  • Can a shofar that is used religiously have its exterior painted?

My simple googling has failed me on this.

I’ve seen shops in Jerusalem selling painted shofars, seemingly for religious use, but mostly I see a lack of clarity.

All the shofars I’ve ever seen are in a natural state, though many seem to have a shine and I assume they were polished, if only with a cloth.

But can the exterior be painted?

Finally, is it legit to refer to a shofar that passes all Jewish religious laws about its use “kosher”?

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