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Business Card inserted into my Mezuzah

When I came home today I noticed someone’s business card inserted into my Mezuzah for a landscaping company.

This is the third time this happened in around a year. I used to give it not much thought. I just assumed it was some clueless delivery person passing out fliers.

However after thinking about it, I realized it’s very disrespectful to shove their flier/business card into our mezuzah. We have a mail box, and they could have put it anywhere else. What do they do for other houses? But they chose specifically to shove it in our mezuzah.

I’m unsure if the intent is antisemitism here. Regardless, it does feel disrespectful. (I especially do not like the thought of some stranger coming up to our door and touching something so sacred to our property. )

My paranoia is that antisemites tend to act in mocking dogwhistles and as an “outlet” for their bigotry.

Not sure if I should call the company and politely ask them to stop, or if I should just let it go. I really don’t want to raise a stinker about this, and I do want to believe it was just some guy passing fliers without any malicious intent. But part of me is a bit paranoid about antisemitism these days.

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