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Bris/circumcision Do it or not?

Hey I am F I have really mixed feelings around circumcision and not sure if I would like to do it or not. I know in Judaism we do it and I know if I had a boy my father would expect me to do it. Was just wondering if there are any guys on here who didn’t get it done but are Jewish and grew up Jewish etc? Or to those who have kids and decided not to do it?

My brother was made to get it done again 2 years before his Bar Mitzvah. Obviously was traumatic for him. This has made me feel some sort of anger and upset feeling making me not want to do it. As well the fact some babies can go into shock and nearly die or die.

I used to think it wasn’t a big deal or procedure but now I am not so sure. I am not having kids anytime soon or anything but a video on TikTok has made me think.

First off as well I would never judge or care whatever anyone else decides for their son and baby.

I haven’t made a decision and maybe I won’t for a long while. But does anyone else have these same thoughts and feelings?

I also hear men or older kids have to get it done sometimes because of infections etc.

Again not sure what to do but if I could hear from other people’s opinions or perspectives and experiences it may help.

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