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Books about the Jewish-American experience?

Hi all, I’ve been feeling pretty lonely recently. I don’t have any Jewish friends nor do I attend synagogue. I do have friends that are supportive of me, but that divide in experience of living as a Jew vs non-Jew really comes up at certain times, particularly in regards to current events. Something innocuous to them doesn’t carry with it the same connotations it does for me. I shouldn’t hold them to understanding what it’s like to be Jewish, but it does suck when I’m reminded of that divide.

While I’m hoping to remedy my loneliness this Saturday by attending morning service, I’d like something to read to hold me over.

I’d prefer books that don’t have much anti-Semitism in them. If they have it, I’d prefer it be a minor plot point. I just want to see the experiences of people like me and have someone I can relate to. Even better if the book features a character getting in touch with their Judaism because I was raised rather secular compared to most.


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