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Book with daily reading for Hebrew calendar?

Tl;dr: I don’t know if this exists, but I want to find a book that’s written by a Rabbi or at least Jewish author that has a short reading for each day of the Hebrew calendar.

So I used to work in a mental health center and they used this book that had a reflection for each day of the calendar year focused on mental health recovery. They would use it to start off the morning group and get the patients thinking and talking. I thought this was a cool practice and so I looked into other daily-reading books. Turns out this is a big Christian thing (“devotionals”).

So I decided to see if any Jewish scholars had done something like this by and for us Jews. I did find a few by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky that I’m going to take a look at.

However, they are based on the gregorian calendar. I get that this is probably more approachable for a lot of people, but I was hoping to find one that is based on the Hebrew calendar so it would be in tune with where we are in the Torah, Jewish holidays, etc.

Also: I know someone is going to respond with Daf Yomi. And that’s something I’d love to do at another point in my life, but right now I’m in medical school and I simply don’t have the time.

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