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Book recommendations to read over Yom Kippur? Jewish history, biographies, Israel etc

Hi all!

I fast on Yom Kippur and don’t use electricity, but for various reasons I don’t attend shule at the moment. I also will be alone most of the day, which makes it super hard to just…sit there and not eat or drink.

In previous years I’ve read several books on YK, including Catch 67, Noa Tishby’s book and a few others.

I’ve just ordered Shimon Peres’s book, which I’m hoping will be my book this year. However, I’d really like some more suggestions!

I’m specifically interested in:

Jewish history (all periods)

Histories of each Jewish community

Israeli history/politics


Biographies of famous Jews

“Light” Jewish religious stuff (eg: really basic stuff about Judaism, how to incorporate more Jewish stuff into daily life etc but nothing hardcore please – I have the rest of the year for that!)

I can read multiple languages but since it’s short notice I think I’ll have to stick to English because of delivery times before YK.

Thanks in advance, and hatima tova to all!

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