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Book recommendations regarding dating/finding a partner and Hisbodedus?

Shalom everyone. I’m a 22 year old (semi?) religious guy from Argentina. I’ve read the book The Garden of Gratitude from Rab Shalom Arush and it has had a tremendous positive impact on my life. I also recently picked up the short book Hashem Is Your Friend from Lev Moshe Leventer, and again in a few pages it’s given me a lot of relief.

As someone who has grown secular and slowly became more and more close to religion, I’m finding it extremely difficult to find a person that’s good for me. I was also dating an Israeli who appeared to be a potentially excellent partner, but things just fell off this week and I’m a bit heartbroken.

So I’d like to know any book recommendations that follow the Rabbi Nachman “line”, that are centered around finding a partner and how to ask Hashem for one. Hisbodedus is such a patch for life and I want to find answers there, but I can’t seem to find books in that specific niche. Also, if you have book recommendations for dating in general and not related to Rabbi Nachman’s teachings, feel free to leave them as well.

Thanks a lot and happy Janukah!

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