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Blinded by Christmas?

I’m pretty easy going. Really. I’m not offended by much of anything. I’m laid back most of the time. Chill dude. I’m basically the last person that’s going to get upset about some stranger telling me Merry Christmas.

But the other day (Christmas eve) I got really caught off guard. For context, I’m disabled and go to physical therapy usually twice a week. So I was at PT, working with this therapist for the better part of an hour, and I don’t think I could have been much more clearly Jewish. I was wearing a t shirt with big bright Hebrew text on it, had a star of David around my neck, and was hatted. A kippah won’t stay on my head during the exercises. I wear a knit cap, but still.

While we were there, we talked about how I had volunteered to work all day on Christmas. But despite all of this, when I was leaving the clinic, she wished me a Merry Christmas. I actually did a little double take, looking around, confused. After like 3 seconds I was just like “um… thanks.”

I’m not mad or anything, but i was like wow. You must be pretty oblivious…

So, with stuff like this, do you think it’s just because people are blinded by Christmas? Are they not paying attention? Are they unaware that Jews exist? Is it just a habit/knee jerk reaction? I’m just kind of perplexed.

Idk. Any opinions or similar stories?

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