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Black Jewish mother discriminated against by Modern Orthodox day school in Manhattan

Rivka Pastreich (@islandgalcitylife on instagram) has spoken out about the racism that she and her 3 boys have faced from Manhattan Day School on the Upper West Side. She says that she has never been allowed to enter the school to take her sons to their classroom while all the other (non-Black) Jewish parents are. She also spoke about how her kids were told by staff that they should stay out of the son because their skin was getting too dark. Staff have also told her children that their Black grandparents couldn’t be included in certain events. When Rivka confronted the school on Instagram, they said nothing and proceeded to block her. The head of Manhattan Day School, Dr. Pesha Kletenik responded to Rivka by saying “oh you’re one of those” and “This is why people like you end up on the news”. Is this the reality of the Modern Orthodox community? I always wondered why almost every Black religious Jewish person I know is more Yeshivish or Haredi and rarely ever modern orthodox. I guess this answers my question.

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