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Bizarre question relating to bread I found.

Hello jewish folk!

This is an occurrence that has been on my mind now for 18 months. I only now thought to ask.

A year and a half ago I did an act of charity for a Hasidic jew who had just experienced a house fire. I bet you can guess during which holiday hahaa. I tried to just give it to someone handy and slink away but a very enthusiastic family member insisted he be allowed to introduce me around.

The interaction lead to probably 30 people knowing of my act and they asked where I lived and since it was a few doors down I pointed it out.

A few days later I found a piece of bread on my front step – it looked like it had been broken, like a bun by hand.

It really must have been intentional placement and the timing was just so close that it really seems to stretch the imagination that there is such a coincidence.

Anyways, one way or the other, a good way to earn rent free space for yourself in someones mind is to leave a share of a piece of bread on someones front step so I must ask:

Is there some tradition, jewish or otherwise, that would involve leaving a piece of bread on my step?


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