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Birthright Interviews by Different Organizers……

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well!

When I first signed up for birthright, I interviewed with Israel Outdoors and was accepted to the program very quickly after my interview.

I had to cancel my trip due to unforeseen medical issues, but now that those have been resolved, I’m back on IO waitlists.

I was told to contact other organizers to see if there were still open trips, so I set up an interview with Mayanot.


Mayanot was like…… crazy stringent in their interview. I got grilled on answers that were entirely acceptable to the Israel Outdoors interviewer. I’m actually really concerned that Mayanot is going to deny my trip.

Granted, my Israel Outdoors interview was conducted by an American Jewish woman, and the Mayanot interview conducted by an (I’m assuming) rather orthodox Israeli man. Am I wrong for feeling that the interviewer with Mayanot was less trusting of me because I’m a non-religious Jewish woman? I understand my concerns are based on my own assumptions of the interviewer and therefor may be entirely wrong. It just felt…. weird. Because the Israel Outdoors lady was so nice and friendly and the Mayanot guy was like “SECULAR??? JEWISH SCHOOL??? HOW CAN YOU BE REFORM AND SECULAR?!?” I was like bruh. I said I was secular but my practices would most closely align with the Reform movement.

Am I overthinking? I’m definitely overthinking. Ah well, give me your opinions anyway 🙂

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