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Birthright eligibility

I just applied and today had my interview to go on Birthright! I am nervous wondering if I passed and will be accepted for my trip based on how Jewish I am. I was raised not super religious but was exposed to/celebrated both Christian and Jewish holidays. I attended a church a handful of times in my childhood for Christmas, but have not been anywhere near a church in years. I identify culturally and ethnic as Jewish very strongly and currently am not religious at all. My dad grew up Christian and my mom grew up as a secular Jew with both of her parents being Holocaust survivors. I have cousins who have been on the trip but who never grew up having visited a church. I am nervous that I grew up celebrating Christmas and Easter with my dad and a couple times a year going to church with him will hurt my chances at acceptance despite my mother being Jewish and me identifying as Jewish. Any advice or thoughts?

Edit: I also celebrated Jewish holidays with my mom and her side of the family, although we did not attend synagogue and I did not have a bat mitzvah. She is secular but believes in the importance of exposing her children to their culture and background as well as teaching us about our family history.

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