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Biblical Calendar?

Hello, Christian here, I thought I should ask this here as I feel like you should know, you see, I like the system that the Hebrew calendar uses as apposed to the Gregorian Calendar, as it seems to be based on the Bible, or I guess for you it would just be the Tanakh, but from what I’ve seen, Jews Traditionally Calculate Adam and Eve, and thus year 1, to be around 3761 BCE, while Christian Literalists seem to Calculate Adam and Eve, and thus year 1, to be around 4114 BCE, and all the calendar converters that I’ve seem generally follow the Jewish date for year 1, and also error out when trying to go further back, I guess they didn’t factor for negatives or something, anyways, I want to follow the biblical dating system, as I value tradition, but since I can’t find anything that follows the Christian view, I figured that Jews, which I figure use the Hebrew calendar more, would know more about how it works, so could some of you help me?

Anyways, have a happy and peaceful Shabbat!

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