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Beta Israel Renaissance

As Jews, we talk a lot about assimilation. Generally The Jewish Community wants any kind of marginal or atypical Jewish community to assimilate into the majority rabbinic Jewish culture. There is an assumption that minority cultures will get swallowed up and stamped out, like Yemenites and others whose unique manifestations of Judaism were stifled upon arrival in Israel in favor of an Ashkenazi hegemony. However, seeing as how the global Jewish community is in a different place than it was years ago, and the Israeli government is … otherwise occupied, do you think history could go differently this time around?

I read months ago that in the interest of verifying who to bring to Israel from Ethiopia, the Israeli government was assembling something akin to a Beta Israel Bet Din. (Can’t for the life of me find where I read that.) Well, the current Beta Israel population in Israel is pretty assimilated, but who’s to say that the influx of new Ethiopians and a slight institutional backing couldn’t snowball into an institutionalized Beta Israel Judaism? I think it could actually attract disaffected Jews from other backgrounds, like Karaite Judaism has been doing recently. What do you think about the likelihood of something like this happening? Do you think there’s any right and wrong to it? What do you think it might look like?

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