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Best version(s) of the Tanakh for a new student of Judaism?

Hi, everyone!

I hope this is an appropriate question for this subreddit. If not, let me know and I’ll take it down.

I’m looking for recommendations on which translation of the Tanakh I should purchase as someone who’s beginning to study Judaism. I’m enrolling in Judaism classes at a local synagogue, but I’d like to be somewhat prepared by having read at least some of the Tanakh beforehand.

Having said this — which versions of the Tanakh would you recommend? I’ll probably end up purchasing a single-volume Tanakh in both Hebrew and English, and another text with extensive academic commentary. I’ve read that the JPS Tanakh is a good single-volume version, while Alter’s three-volume Tanakh is an excellent academic version. I’ve also heard that the Jewish Study Bible is a good single-volume academic version.

I look forward to any recommendations you might have! Thank you all so much.

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