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Best movies that accurately depict Jewish attitudes, ideas, family life etc?

Yes Fiddler on the Roof is on my list, we had a VHS of it as a kid and all I remember is the “if I were a rich man” song, but I remember liking it.

My interest is as someone who is interested in different kinds of “slice of life” views into other times/cultures. For example I like reading letters and journals from history, that’s how I personally like to learn about the past, rather than a broad look at history that details the events and meaning and everything, I’m just interested in the peoples lives. So I’m wondering if there’s any movies you think really accurately depict Jewish attitudes, sayings, mannerisms, life outlook etc?

Edit: Thanks for the suggestions, these all sound great! I’m probably going to watch all of these eventually, so each suggestion is appreciated, thanks.

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