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Best friend said Judaism is embedded with racism in class. Is she right?

I am a high school student at a very small school where I am the only jew. Today my class was engaged in a discussion about white supremacy because of a book we are reading from a former white supremacist. A classmate of mine asked if Mormons were white supremacists. I am familiar with a lot of Mormon ideas, so I said no not necessarily but went into some of the racism in their text eg their views on native Americans, their whites only rule until a few decades ago, etc. I ended it by saying “mormanism has racism embedded in it.” I believe this was a fair statement, and I also said that Mormons are definitely not all white supremacists. My best friend then said, like it was a fact, “Yeah, and so does judaism.” She is Lutheran, not a Mormon, and I know for a fact she knows nothing about judaism. I am very upset about it, but I want to make sure she is not right. The only mention of racism I know of in the Torah is G-d condemning Miriam and Aaron for their racism towards Tzipporah, but I want to make sure there’s something im not missing unless she tries to bring it up to back up her point, and I also want to know. Does anybody know of any blatant pro racist ideas in jewish holidays or text? I am a practicing jew but I am also very young so there’s a lot I don’t know. But I really don’t think there is. Does her belief of this come from the new wave of anti zionism online, or is there something im missing?

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