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Being the ‘Token’

So, I’m of a mixed race background and Jewish. Now, I’m very accustomed to questions about this because people are curious and all but there is a line, I feel, when it goes too far. The ‘token’ line.

I joined a synagogue in my neighborhood and they have been very welcoming to me. However, I noticed that I am very frequently asked about the latest POC issue and was recently asked to be a part of their Diversity Inclusion Board. Being practical for a second, I do not have any work or educational experience in this field. I am not a social worker, I do not teach this in a college setting etc, so I don’t see how I would ‘qualify’ for being a member of such a board other than the fact that I’m not like anyone else at the synagogue. I’m literally the only person like me here and have gotten to the point where I plan on leaving because I want to feel like I belong but the constant questions and being asked to ‘rep diverse’ people is a constant reminder that I’m ‘the other.’

My dilemma: do I move forward and try to be the outside voice on the board and try to see if I could help change the ashkenormative environment or should I decline because my patience as been pushed to the limit and I really don’t need to put up with this anymore.

Any advise would be welcomed.

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