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Being honest about your Jewish identity is a great way to move through this despair

Right now, especially online, it seems like being an outspoken Jew is an impossibility, but I’m here to tell you it’s not and it should be a first line of defense. I have a unique Hebrew/Jewish sounding name, so it usually comes with questions. And rather than cowering in fear when someone asks me about my name, i do as i did before October 7th, and tell them I’m Jewish and my parents are from Israel. And guess what? The vast majority of people will have a neutral or an interested/positive reaction to it. Of course, this is somewhat dependent on where you live so don’t put yourself in danger, but i have found that this is a great way to quell my fears and anxieties about being openly Jewish. The “worst” response i have gotten us “wow yeah what’s happening is terrible” and i just agreed and moved on. We have to realize as bad as things are, (most) people are not walking around waiting to harass us. Hiding your Jewishness is drinking poison and expecting the other person to be hurt. Be Jewish, be proud, open a dialogue, show people that their preconceived notions are not true. Let’s make this world a better place as god commanded us to

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