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Being considerate to everyone’s feelings in the work place is is hurting my feelings

Do you guys have any experience with being the only Jewish person, in a multicultural workplace, with managers who do not seem to know how to handle it?

I work with a few doctors from Arab countries. Last week I got an anonymous email telling me that I was excluded from Journal club for being Jewish because the Egyptian doctors don’t like me. I have no idea what my Egyptian colleagues actually think because I was not at work and no one has said anything to my face.

When I forwarded the email to the director of medical education, and asked him I was excluded from teaching for being Jewish- he basically said “I am not going to engage in this discussion”

I asked when I could return to work-and I was told I could not return while there was an ongoing investigation into the emails, because they did not think it was safe for me to return.

Today I was forwarded a petition aimed at me that says- The hospital should not allow Israeli doctors to train in Trauma and Orthopedics-because Isreali doctors will join the IDF and become killers.

I am hurt by the thought that people would feel uncomfortable working with me because of my religion, and I really want to do surgery. But I am worried that if my team does not feel comfortable with me patient care may be negatively affected.

Is it selfish to want my colleagues to just get over themselves and work with me?

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