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Being asked to lay tefillin is so annoying 🙄

Went to the March for Israel and all these Chabad guys were about asking people if they wanted to lay tefillin. I’m not halachically Jewish (Jewish father, non Jewish mother) but look extremely Jewish/spitting image of my father, and I was wearing my Magen David. This is mainly for context. One of the chosid’s came up to me and was almost death staring me although I pretended to be completely entranced with whatever was on the screen. He finally asks me if I’d like to lay tefillin and I just politely decline. He kept persisting and I finally told him “Achi I’m not a halachic jew”. They dropped me like a hot potato lol.

I’m gonna be honest I felt extremely embarrassed, and the vibe of some of the people around me definitely changed. One of the women was actually giving me dirty looks. Luckily most of the people around me were kind and happy I was there, and a guy next to me smiled during one of the breaks between speakers and said “you are a Jew” and clapped my shoulder.

I understand what they are doing is a mitzvah, and I respect their devotion to halacha, but the guy should’ve taken my refusal as enough. It wasn’t his right to force me to disclose my status when there was no halachic problem, as I had refused. Left a bad taste in my mouth and somewhat dampened my time.


Just as a footnote. I don’t hate Chabad nor do I want any Jews (any movement) to be attacked or put down, even if we all have differing opinions on culture and halacha on this sub. I accept that 1 person isn’t representative of a whole movement. That being said, it’s not the first time this has happened to me from chosids, and respect is a two way street. I actually do believe in Orthodoxy (undergoing giyur atm) which is what makes the whole thing ironic and painful.

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