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Being a convert in the bible belt….

is a 1000 times harder than I thought it’d be!!

I work at a used bookstore and am in charge of the religion aisles. It makes since as I grew up around pretty much every Christian denomination there was and know a lot. My customers are almost all Christian and having just moved here from Massachusetts I have been utterly shocked at the amount of Jewish culture pulled and used in their books. Daily I shelve light-hearted mysteries about a synagogue burning, theologies on “Jewish” Christianity, memoirs of devout “Rabbis” finding Jesus, and devotional dedicated to using the “true Hebrew names of God.”

Usually I ignore it, but I had a Baptist customer today ask about Biblical Hebrew resources, which I was happy to tell her. She asked if I was Jewish, and as soon as I said I was she asked if I was Messianic. When I said no, and then clarified after even more questions that I was convert from Christianity, I somehow spent 15 minutes trying to explain why. In the moment I was happy to finally talk about how much I love Judaism and how special it is for me, but afterwards I felt horrible. She made it clear in her questioning that I was some sort of apostate, and that my Jewishness was straying from the path to her heaven.

Living here the past month (and having multiple tract-preachers tell me I’m going to hell) I’ve learned that to Evangelicals, being Jewish by birth is almost cool. You get to do cool old stuff while not immediately burning in hell—but you really have to accept Jesus at the end of the day. But being a Jew by choice is an act of apostasy that will be punished. I hate the way we are used in their games.

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