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Beginning conversion

I’ve never used Reddit before (I just made this account today). Anyway, my fiancé and I are in the beginning steps of converting in the Reform movement.

I didn’t grow up with really any religious affiliation. At several brief points as a kid I considered myself Christian, but it was mainly because everyone around me was Christian so I thought that’s what I had to be, even though I had no idea what it really meant. As an adult, I’ve always liked the idea of being religious, but especially after coming out as gay I had assumed there just wasn’t anything for me and I’d settle with nothing.

My fiancé grew up Mormon with a capital M. World begins and ends at the borders of Utah County. Served a mission in Lithuania. Came out after he returned, dealt with a good heaping of trauma from his religious background (and obviously left the church). We’ve been together four years.

I was enthralled when I discovered Reform Judaism (and started learning more about Judaism in general), and surprised at how much it all just clicked. I didn’t know there was a faith out there that aligned with what I already believe in spiritually and ethically, and with such a strong embrace of the Queer community. I’ve only been learning for a relatively short time but I’m loving all of it so far; it just feels right for me. My fiancé feels much the same and is excited as well.

Does anyone have experience/advice with the conversion process, especially during COVID? How do you recommend engaging with/practicing holidays so centered around socializing when that’s impossible? How can I be involved when everything is so distant?

Two side questions: I’d love to get mezuzahs for my home at some point in the future, is it acceptable to use them as a Jew in progress or only after conversion? And does anyone have good kosher red wine recommendations available in Utah? I love Zinfandel.

With love,

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