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Been a victim of anti-Semitism online.

Hi I’m a 15 year old reformed Jew from London. Due to the fact that I have a, well… Jewish surname, people have found it amusing to message me on insta and Twitter saying anti-Semitism stuff.

To be honest, it’s not the words that hurt, it’s how isolating it feels like. I have no Jewish friends and I can’t tell my parents about this. This also reminds me of an incident I had in Primary school. This Muslim girl came up to me and said that her parents read in the Qur’an that “The devilish Yids would die and burn in hell for the pain I had caused”. Keep in mind that I was 8 and had to cut out my best friend.

No one I know has gone through this personally, the harassment, the constant judgement. It feels like a sin. I can’t help what’s in my blood and I’m scared that in the future, my children would have to go through the same problem.

At the moment, I haven’t reviewed any in person prejudice since I was around 11. I now go to a Catholic school, mixed with different people from a range of religions and races. I’m happy. Even though most people do not know I’m Jewish (only close friends.)

If you have read all of this, I’m sorry for my consistent waffling, I know that my situation isn’t even that bad and that most people have it worse. However, I guess I want to feel like I’m not trapped. I don’t know how to explain it sorry. Oh and of course I now don’t have my surname on display, I was so stupid.

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