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based on your opinion, why god didnt stop the holocaust?

im not jewish but learning about judaism. I just have this weird question, like this is a faith-destroyer for many i guess, i found some answers like “”god was suffering too” and “its gods plan” and even weird ones like “the jews are sinners and god is punishing them” (said by a rabbi i guess, like not a non jew but a jew). The one that made sense was that god gave us responsibility in earth and he cant just come and fix things everytime things go wrong, its like the free will thingy, that if he ruined the nazi plans using his god powers he would take free will from humans, that makes sense to me but its just as brutal as the explanation of karma (to not sound brutal, think of it as this: you suffer because you deserve suffering for things you did that are bad. Now reflect this on the holocaust, too brutal and merciless isnt it?) like the question challenged my believe in how karma works (i know its not jewish but like religions also have the “u do bad stuff u get bad stuff” rule), and i dont think that is rihgt. So far the one of the free will seems to be the one that makes sense but its like waaaay too much, like i just feel weird about it. The last thing i could think of is a belief in many religions that sometimes we suffer as payment for happiness that we will get later and all that. According to this we might say that jews went through all that because god was washing away their sins with the suffering so they go to heaven, but its like killing your child and being like “im saving you from the suffering of being an adult!”, like this is too brutal and kinda like puts god in a weird place, like thats one weird thing at least let them make the decision. What do you think?

NOTE: i dont mean to disrespect the holocaust or judaism, the holocaust is one tragic thing that will always remind the world about how much nazis suck and how much humans can be evil. I think this is a logical question to ask, even if it sounded a bit like a personal opinion and without any kind of solid evidence to support any answer, i just want to create my own answer.

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