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Baruch Hashem! I want to hear: How has the almighty helped you in life? Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

Shalom and Gut Shabbos! I would love to hear people’s stories of how Hashem has guided, supported, protected, nourished and healed you in life, if any of you are up for sharing. I would also love to hear stories of miracles if you or someone you know has witnessed any.

Now, I do believe that creation itself is a miracle, and everything in this world is a miracle as Torah dictates. 🥰 It’s so easy, though, to get caught up in doubt and yetzer hara.. so if any of you have undeniable stories of Hashem’s hand working through your life please share!

I will also share mine. Trigger warning!!

I’m a domestic violence survivor. In my late 20s I was bullied into a relationship that could only be described as actual hell on earth. (I’m 40f now) I was being beaten, strangled, isolated, accused, controlled.. My finances were devastated, I lost friends, I lost my faith in G-d. I was absolutely certain that I would die at the hands of an eye-bulging violent man. I started feeling like if G-d would let this happen to me, a sweet and loving person, there must not be one.

In one instance, the guy was hitting me in the head repeatedly and started to strangle me. He was on top of me and I couldn’t get him off of me, and my vision started to black out and I started to pass out. I couldn’t see anything but black spots. It seemed like that was the end for me.

Suddenly I heard a loud pop and the guy went flying across the room and hit the wall. My vision started to come back and I started to wake up. Dude was yelling at me “you bitch you broke my rib you bitch” as I scrambled to the phone to call 911. The police came, photographed my injuries and put him in jail. I had no idea what happened, and to this day I have no idea what threw him off of me.

Or rather, I do know. It was one of Hashem’s angels.

It would not have been physically possible for me to do that, even if I had been fully awake, and nobody else was there.

Have you all heard the midrash where (tl;dr) as Joseph was carried away as a newly sold slave he was in a caravan of sweet smelling spices? Which was abnormal at the time, as caravans usually had animals and dung in them. The midrash tells us the sweet smelling spices were a message from Hashem saying I am with you, this is the plan, you need not fear. While Joseph was understandably terrified thinking his life was over, he was actually on a direct path to becoming one of the rulers of Egypt, and saving the world from famine. The sweet smelling spaces in the caravan that day were an indication of that.

I can’t pretend that my own challenges stopped there but that’s for another day. I ended up suffering for years from ptsd and anxiety, uncontrollable crying and flashbacks, and a phantom hand on my neck.

As I embarked on a healing journey I started looking back on my experiences looking for those sweet smelling spices. Looking for the ways in which Hashem has let his presence be known and shown me love. I can’t deny that my life being saved that day was anything short of a miracle, the work of Hashem, my own sweet smelling spices.

This line of thinking has guided me though much suffering and helped me heal from ptsd. The more I look, the more I see Hashem’s miracles big and small. The more I see his hand in everything and his spark everywhere. The more I trust that everything is exactly as it should be, and there are no mistakes.

Today my counselor did another assessment, the third one in the past seven months, and stated that my symptoms are reduced so much since I started going that I no longer qualify for a diagnosis of ptsd.

Being free from abuse, free from anxiety and trauma is a silent miracle but a miracle no doubt.

I just want to praise Hashem, Torah and Judaism for this gift as studying Torah and diving deeper into a practice has pushed me through my healing process. Also for saving my life, Thank G-d. Baruch Hashem.

Please tell me your stories of miracles and sweet smelling spices! I want to hear how Hashem shows up for all his children in small ways and big ways. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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