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Bad memory

For the most part as an American Jew I’ve experienced little true antisemitism mostly ignorance and yea a good number of outright Jew hating bigots…pretty disappointing at times but the one memory that has stuck with me happened over 10 years ago. An acquaintance I knew from high school posted a worrisome message on social media detailing his depression. I private messaged him and just said something along the lines of hey I’m sorry about what you’re going through and I’ve experienced depression too etc etc . Nothing memorable or really moving but genuine.

And he replied “ well I’m not like you I’m not from a family of rich Jews!”

maybe just ignorance about Jewish stereotypes combined with him lashing out because of his pain , idk I’m not a sociologist or therapist but damn that really hurt. I don’t know why but I still think about it all these years later. I have a nice job and loving Jewish family but every now and then i remember that unpleasant experience.

I hope he’s doing okay.

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