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Babyn Yar Synagogue, Manuel Herz Architects

Babyn Yar Synagogue, Manuel Herz Architects

Looking at synagogues for an architecture class (I’ve done a few projects/presentations focusing on Judaism and how it interacts especially with Antisemitism in Architecture); while the professor ultimately chose a different building for me to work with, I was really struck by this synagogue.

The Babyn Yar Synagogue (completed 2021) is built on the site of the Babyn Yar massacre (in Sept. 1941). It’s got an interesting concept — outdoors, and it opens like a pop-up book basically, where part of the ritual of beginning a service is that you turn the big cog to open the synagogue. I’ll post some pictures here.

And the architect’s site that explains it further. Here also is a video of the opening of it.

A number of big-name architects are Jews, like Frank Gehry (who has grown on me as I look at his work more; see the Disney Concert Hall), Peter Eisenman (Memorial to Murdered Jews — deserves criticism, but still important), Richard Meier (Jubilee Church) Louis Kahn (beautiful work; see The Kimbell, Exeter Library), Victor Gruen (pioneer of the shopping mall), Moshe Safdie (Yad Vashem). The Jewish Museum of Berlin by Daniel Libeskind is also striking.

Anyway. Wonderfully and thoughtfully designed synagogue.

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