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Baby naming during COVID?

I’m expecting a baby girl in October and am trying to determine what to do about her baby naming.

We moved to our area not long ago and have not found a synagogue yet due to COVID (many in our area are still doing Zoom or just recently went back to in-person).

I’m physically having a really rough pregnancy and don’t think I’ll be able to scope out the right synagogue for us within the next 5 months.

I’m considering doing it at home and seeing if we can find a Rabbi to perform the ceremony at our home but our family and friends don’t live close by. They’d have to fly in and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with tons of people hanging around our 8 day old baby. I’m happy to do a backyard ceremony (we’re in CA where it’s warm year-round) but I’d hate to expect people to fly in just to spend a couple of hours in our backyard and then not host them for the remainder of their stay.

I’d be potentially open to having the ceremony at a small, local synagogue and maybe just having my parents fly in but I always assumed the etiquette (and maybe even rule) is that these lifecycle events are meant for members and not just people stopping in who may or may not become regular attendees.

I’d welcome thoughts on this.

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