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Baby naming ceremony advice

I’m pregnant with our first baby, due in August. We haven’t found out the gender yet, and we may keep it a surprise until birth. If the baby is a boy, he’ll definitely be circumcised, but we’re in agreement to do it at the hospital (please don’t try to convince me otherwise about this). Regardless of that and whether baby is a boy or a girl, we’d like to do a baby naming ceremony at my in-laws house. A few questions:

-If we’re just doing a baby naming ceremony, when do you typically do this (since it wouldn’t have to be 8 days after birth if we were doing the bris)?

-There will be some people on my husband’s side who I expect will fly in for this. I feel pretty adamant that I don’t want my unvaccinated newborn being held by a bunch of people who were just on planes. How did you handle family who want to travel in town for this? Did you have pushback from people wanting to hold the baby?

-For new moms who did this, how did you hold up? The idea of having to put myself together for a party 1-2 weeks PP seems really daunting. I want to make sure I’m doing what’s appropriate but also don’t want to be pushed into more than I’m up for by my husband’s family.

Any other thoughts/advice are welcome. Thank you, all!

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