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Baal Tshuva & Ger List of Items Needed

Can you help me make a list of things a Baal Tshuva (or even a Ger) would need? I’ll be sending this list to a friend.

This is what I have brainstormed so far. I know I’m missing things, so please comment below! Thank you!

  • Tanakh
  • Siddur
  • Mezuzah/Mezuzot w/ Kosher Scroll
  • Negel Vasser
  • Kippah (male) or Sheitel/Tichel (female)
  • Tzitzit (male)
  • Tallit (male)
  • Shabbos Candles
  • Challah Cover
  • Kiddush Cup
  • Spice Box
  • Separate Dishes & Cooking Utensils (Red & Blue)
  • Chanukiah/Menorah
  • Dreidel
  • Kosher Wine

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