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Baal Teshuva and Alcoholic

I am an alcoholic that has changed the way I drink recently to help with the process of becoming more Conservative. I am dealing with cutting down on my alcohol (not going out anymore and just drinking at home). I’m getting a lot of pushback from my family going through this process of getting closer to my relationship with God, as if it is a joke, because of my relationship with alcohol. I’m in therapy now and trying to deal with the reasons I struggle this hard. I so badly want to be more observant but I will never be taken seriously as a person that’s mentally ill. How do I navigate this situation?

Edit: for more background, I live hour+ from the closest synagogue and the rabbi I talk to. I want to attend shul more often but it’s in a city where I found myself indulging in more alcohol and drugs. I am terrified I go to Shabbos on Friday and that same night I am back into drugs and alcohol. I have been observing at home but I feel like I need a greater connection

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