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Awesom Kosher Experience at a Smiths grocery store in Las Vegas.

So I just visited the Kosher Experience at a Smiths Grocery store here in Las Vegas.

It was awesome. I am so used tp the small kosher sections at grocery store. This was a bit mind blowing. I wish I had taken some pictures. I was like a kid in a (kosher) candy store. In most grocery stores the best you get for non food items is shabbat candles. This store has those along with havdalah candles, kidush cups, challah covers, and washing cups. Among other things. They have a bakery certified by Chabad. They have water challah. I am excited to have vegan challah for shabbat. I also picked up a havdalah candle, kidush cup, and Jewish matches. I was debating on getting another washing cup. I also got some food items like the Macabee bagel pizzas.

I am not used to seeing Jews out and about. It was nice seeing tassels hanging out. A lady asked my opinion on whole wheat matzoh brands. It felt great to be able to participate in the discussion because I have had matzoh.

It was also really odd but in a good way to have employees wish me Shabbat Shalom.

This store is over an hour away on the bus. But I absolutely plan on going back at some point. I gotta thank Chabad for their involvement with the store. The store has tzedakah cans with a picture of the Rebbe. Maybe I should get one to remind myself of the work Chabad does that benefits liberal Jews like myself.

This is probably nothing special to folks who have been observant for years and have access to full on Jewish shops. But to me seeing washing cups in at grocery store is mind blowing.

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