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"Avraham The Hebrew: The Inspiring Story Of A Forgotten Identity & Its Meaning For World Unity" – Want to learn about yourself and contribute to the Jewish people? I wrote this booklet, asking for your help: Read it, and Pleease share your feedback! I want people with 0 Jewish education to "get it"

Over the course of a couple years, I wrote a little booklet about Hebrew identity based on Judaism’s mostly overlooked sources in Midrash. It’s been edited by one volunteer editor and one paid editor, but I need a 3rd party perspective – especially Jews with little or no knowledge of Judaism. What’s unclear? What questions does this raise for you?

It’s called “Avraham The Hebrew: The Inspiring Story Of A Forgotten Identity And Its Meaning For World Unity” and it’s an introduction to Hebrew identity. It’s based mostly on stories in the Midrash about Avraham Avinu, and the ideas of Rabbi Yehudah Leon Ashkenazi of blessed memory. It’s an attempt to make Hebrew identity understood and accessible to the broad spectrum of English-speaking Jews, including people without any background in Judaic studies. That way we can know ourselves better and be ourselves to a greater extent.

Learn about yourself and do a good deed. Contribute to our people and in that merit G-d should help all those in need, eg. our soldiers, captives, injured, displaced, traumatized etc.

All you need to do is comment on the Google Doc:

You’re also all welcome to dedicate the book (free!) to whoever you want / add categories of groups I may have missed. I intend to review comments on the dedication area like I review comments on the rest of the doc and integrate the dedications in. EG You can dedicate it to people who are sick and need healing, people who are looking for a spouse, trying to have kids, difficulties raising kids, difficulty earning a living, difficulty working on themselves etc.

Also, fyi, the plan is to publish the book free on a site ( – love to get a hand if anyone here can do pretty WP designs), and make it available in print form via Amazon / whatever publisher feels like publishing it, for the lowest price possible on Amazon/elsewhere. Proceeds to go to charities supporting the victims of terror/protecting us from further attacks. I’m not trying to profit from the booklet (kind of stupid to publish the whole thing free on Google docs if I was…)

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