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automatic feeling of defensiveness around orthodox men

I’m a secular Jewish woman and I’m going to touch on kind of a sensitive topic: I automatically experience a sense of defensiveness or dislike towards Orthodox men. I think it’s because I’ve experiences with orthodox men before and also I’m Israeli American and grew up with stories in both countries of orthodox men mistreating or harming women im their community, secular women, LGBTQ people, black people, etc. I’ve also had orthodox ashkenazi men in particular ask about my background as soon as they see me because I look and am pretty mizrahi- it’s kind of annoying in its own way. To add to this, I’m part of a Jewish student org where in elections, an orthodox dude lost to me and I feel that extending him a position in the org was a mistake because he sometimes tries to undermine me. Anywho, I feel bad cus im someone who’s very proud of their Jewish identity and also I know orthodox people bear the brunt of attacks many times because they are the most identifiable Jewish. I’ve identified recently that I have this bias and I’m wondering if you guys have any thoughts.

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