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Austrian Citizenship for Descendants Questions and Info

Hi everyone! I am filling out my paperwork to obtain Austrian Citizenship– I have started the process but I do have some questions– has anyone gone through the process and can help me with these?

  1. After I do my “live scan” fbi background check, and I receive the e-mail saying I am clear (which I have already), I have to fill out form DS-4294.
    1. section 1: what is the “case type”?
    2. sections 2: do i put my own info?
    3. section 3: what do I put under “specify”?
    4. section 4: what do i put under country? is it austria? how many documents– is it just the background check or what else needs to be apostilled? My birthcertificate is foreign and in spanish so I’m not even sure how to get it apostilled besides going to my country of birth– unless they can do it at a consulate here in the US. i also need to get it translated– do i need the translation to be notraized? do i need to go to a specific translation service?
  2. Also– it says I need a cover letter– is the DS-4294 a cover letter on its own? or what cover letter do i need to send out?

If anyone has any advice, or answers, please it would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone has questions I will answer what I know– I’m also going to call the austrian embassy in DC to ask the questions, but I was hoping some of you had advice?

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