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Attending a Yeshiva

I’m about to graduate university in less than a month and am thinking about what to do in my future. One idea that came up with to attend a Yeshiva.

I received Jewish education from my family but I’ve never actually attended any proper Jewish institution so I thought it would be an enriching experience.

In theory family doesn’t object, however they don’t support the idea since they want me to get a job rather than essentially doing another year of school that probably won’t help me get a job especially in my field. They also helped me a lot financially with college already and aren’t willing/able to support me financially to attend a Yeshiva. Part of the agreement we made is that I would help pay for my siblings tuition for university too so that is a factor in this as well.

I’m not really sure what to do at this point but I guess would you say attending Yeshiva in my position is worth it or do you know of any alternative options exist?

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