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Ate pork on accident

I had a dinner with my in laws last night anyways, the kinda hate that I’m Jewish bc they’re intense Catholics who kinda don’t agree with my marriage or religion and I feel like the made a pork pasta thing on purpose and didn’t tell me it was pork. Like I don’t eat kosher with them typically because it’s just too much to ask. However always been strict on no pork. Anyways ate it, then had left overs this morning. Again not knowing. Then at work got so sick like passed out throwing up etc. called his grandma to find out what was in it because I’m also lactose intolerant. Turns out there was pork in it no dairy. I looked up if eating pork for the first Time in my life would make me sick and there’s no evidence to support it. But has anyone else experienced this? Like I don’t know what else would give me food poisoning like this because I’ve had pasta and tomato sauce before like every week. But never have had pork.

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