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Assisted Suicide

Sorry for the somber topic, but I was injured by being given the wrong pharmaceutical drug a year ago and I am disabled and in constant pain. When this drug backfires it destroys your body from within, and there is no cure at all.

This disease in new, it was not around in biblical times, it is a man-made modern chronic illness. I believe my suffering is pointless and since it was from a synthetic drug, invented in the 1980s, it just does not seem like God’s will at all or something the human body was even meant to endure.

I am not a practicing Jew but went to a reformed temple when I was a child. The Central Committee of American Rabbis has ruled that assisted suicide is acceptable in terminal cases and cases of extreme suffering, called “total suffering”.

I am in this position. The ruling, CCAR 5783.1 mentions T’shuvah. It quotes, “Law that lacks T’shuvah. the does not draw from the wellsprings of feelings and tenderness, of heartfelt ways of pleasantness and inner kindliness, that is confined by its boundaries and does not break through its borders to go beyond what the law requires – such law is absolute wickedness”.

Is there a reformed Jew here who can comment or give me comfort? Is there a way a Rabbi could give me advice? My pain and quality of life are low, I don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t want to go against God, but my body just does not function normally anymore. I am bedridden and in pain, suffering pointlessly.

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