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Asking for advice/ being a good host

I live in Arizona, I run a very small outdoor adventure experience on a local river guiding kayakers down the river while we spot local wildlife. A couple reached out to me online asking to book a private tour and of course I’m happy to oblige, one of the guests has mentioned she is very nervous and unsure on the water so I know I’m going to need to go the extra mile. No problem. We are put on this earth to be of service to others. I had asked if they minded if I brought along an assistant on this trip just to have an extra set of hands.

The woman tells me they are Orthodox Jews and asked that if my assistant was female that she dress modestly as that is their custom. Remember, this is Arizona, triple digit temperatures, etc. so the first thing I do is google “Orthodox Jew swimwear”…. Oof!

TL/DR: my biggest question, never met an orthodox jew in my whole life and I want to be respectful of the beliefs and be the best possible host for my traveling guests. What other requirements might they have that we aren’t considering? How can I best ensure they have a great time.

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