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Asking as a Christian- do y’all find Christianity disrespectful to your religion/culture?

And to clarify, I don’t mean “American white nationalism Christianity” as I don’t consider that to be Christianity, just a bunch of people pretending to be. I more mean the actual religion itself.

I’ve been “Christian” my whole life but only recently started REALLY reading scripture and educating myself (as best I can) in both early Christianity history AND Jewish history, and it really has me thinking.

I know Christianity frames itself as the true continuation to Judaism, even as it states that Jewish law is nullified, I was just really wondering what you guys thought about that, being part of the og group.

Also, I just want to state I’m not at all here to argue and I’m CERTAINLY not here to belittle or change anyone’s faith. I’m here to ask you and get your opinions, not parade my own.

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