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Ask me anything : Jewish Israeli converted to Islam

Hey so i was born Jewish to an Israeli mom and I converted to Islam in 2017

Probably gonna get a lot of the same Qs so here are some FAQs

  1. Did I convert for a man? Nop

  2. Why did i convert? Extra long if i go into specifics as to WHY. In short, my beliefs were more in line with Islamic teachings. I had doubts about Judaism that Islam cleared up. In my mind, Islam is a continuation of Judaism. Judaism , Christianity and Islam share the same God and Prophets. God’s message was twisted overtime, so God finally sent Muhammad as the last prophet (the seal of the Prophets) to clarify everything. That’s my belief. I believe that I am a better Jew now than I was as a Jew.

  3. What does my family think? Only my mom and siblings know. Was very hard to tell them, but i finally did after maybe 2 years. They still pray I become Jewish again. Dont have the balls to tell mu grandparents or the rest of my family. I am from a very religious family who also kinda hate Muslims

Voila Ask me anything Dont be too mean, i might cry

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