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Ask Me, an Orthodox Jewish Mom Running for Office, Anything

Hello! I’m Amber Adler and I am running to represent New York City Council District 48 in Southern Brooklyn.

My campaign is focused on prioritizing equitable pandemic recovery, establishing a more robust childcare and education system and continuing to improve the district’s quality of life while promoting unity.

Prior to running for office, I held leadership roles at service-based non-profits and also helped children with autism to secure vital services and resources.

Additionally, I have been a fixture in the fight against antisemitism, hate and bigotry. In 2019, I helped secure approximately $170,000+ in funding from the City of New York to educate public school students on the atrocities of the Holocaust in an effort to combat antisemitism.

I am known for including my two young boys (ages 7 and 8 years) in all types of civic engagement. We volunteer at soup kitchens, participate in rally’s, protests and other so advocacy work. During the COVID-19 pandemic we even hit the streets and passed out thousands of surgical masks.

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