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Ashkenazim of Sephardic Origin? Free Sunday meeting with Sephardic World

Ashkenazim of Sephardic Origin? Free Sunday meeting with Sephardic World

Many Ashkenazi families have traditions of Sephardic ancestry. Are they true and, if not, what is their origin? David Mendoza and Ton Tielen explore why some Ashkenazi families have the belief of Sephardic origins, and review the claims. What do the archives tell us about Sephardim living amongst Ashkenazim in central and eastern Europe? What about DNA and stories passed down to families? We review the evidence.

Several Hassidic dynasties claim Sephardic ancestors. Is the SLONIK family descended from King David, via ABARBANEL? What about the claims of ordinary families? How about the MENDELEVITCH family from Poland which has a tradition of MENDOZA ancestry? Is the TALALAY surname in Belarus of Slavic origin or imported from Catalonia? Are claims of Sephardic ancestry true, fabricated, or misremembered? Join us for an entertaining discussion.

David Mendoza and Ton Tielen are administrators of The Sephardic Diaspora group and the Sephardic Genealogy page on Facebook. They host the weekly Sephardic World talks and are founders of the Sephardic Genealogical Society.

The meeting is on 14 November 2021 at 11am in LA, 2pm NYC, 7pm London, 8pm Paris/Amsterdam, and 9pm Jerusalem. Patrons can join us on Zoom. The link is shared at our Patreon page at:

Everyone is invited to join us for free at: Please subscribe to the YouTube channel. It helps us a lot and reminds you when we are going live!

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