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As the descendent of a famous nazi, i stand with all jewish people during these horrible times.

Its been really painful for me to see all the hatred, intimidation and violence jews have been subject to the past few days in Germany, UK, Canada and Israel (and probably elsewhere) – i cant imagine how painful it must be for all of you.

I have watched the same antisemitic tropes and insinuations that ‘died’ with my grandparents generation being reborn in certain socialist and islamic circles, and return to the mainstream dialogue largely unchallenged. And now, it appears the pot is boiling over.

Please if you see or experience any harrasment/abuse/etc., film it if it is safe to do so, and share it online. The world needs to see your experiences, so we can combat the “its antizionism not antisemitism” gaslighting.

Nie wieder.

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