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As promised from a comment yesterday:

Yesterday someone asked people considering converting or already converted why they did it. I said I would edit my comment but this got too long so I decided to make it a post.

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I grew up in a secular Xtian family but left the faith. Few years later, I became Xtian again. Picked up where I left off and went the mainstream Protestant rout.

But overtime, I realized the story wasn’t adding up, and on top of that, I lost trust in the authenticity of some of the New Testament books.

Slowly, I started to faded out of Xtianity. And one day, I just walked out and haven’t been back since.

I though about everything from Paganism to Sikhism. I was agnostic, but I didn’t know where to put my faith. But after searching for a long time, I think I found it in Judaism.

I picked Judaism for a lot of different reasons. Judaism made the most theological sense of all religions I looked at. In addition, Judaism seems pretty chill. I loved the sense of community and the focus on tikkun olam. When I was Xtian, I was very into liberation theology and social justice. I decided I had no way of knowing if there even was an after life at all. So instead of worrying about the afterlife, I put my focus into doing good in the moment. Thus, Judaism seemed like a good fit.

I try to live a somewhat Jewish lifestyle until I reach out to a Rabbi. I light Shabbat candles, learned (most) of the Hebrew alphabet, pray, and bake challah.

I’m not out to my family yet, but I plan on telling them soon.

In the meantime, my mom has come to like my challah braided French bread.

Edit: made some edits for clarity

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