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As a non-jew how can I help Jews feel supported without feeling over bearing

As a non Jewish person (if that’s not the right wording please correct me) I would like to hear how maybe you would like to be treated or approached about your jewishness. I want to show support for my colleagues and friends who are having a hard time. One coworker was born in Israel and I don’t know what’s going on in his head or how to ask appropriately how he’s doing

l had a teacher in 4th grade, she wanted to show us Hanukkah so the school gave us permission slips to take home and discuss with our parents if they felt comfortable with us attending that day in class. Really cool experience where she taught us dreidel and cooked Latkas in class. I did notice over half the class was not allowed to share this day with us because a lot of the parents felt uncomfortable. I still don’t understand it

If there’s any advice that can help me put a fellow human a ease without coming across as virtue signally or over bearing please let me know

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