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As a jewish person, what are your thoughts on points that anti-semites use to "expose" you?

I’d like to apologize for any potential linguistic mistakes beforehand as English isn’t my first language.

As an Iraqi born muslim I grew up constantly hearing about jewish people being greedy, traitorous and the usual stereo-types that i’m sure you’re all aware of. I’ve always been told that you hold a certain distain for non-jews, and that you view yourselves as more important or of higher value than non-jews given the fact that your religion states that you’re the chosen people thus having no problem conspiring, stealing and murdering people that are non-jews. Basically every problem we have in the Arab world is thought to be a jewish conspiracy, which is something that our leaders have repeated in order to blame their failures on foreign factors.

I’ve never researched these things in depth and always thought of them as the typical racist/anti-semitic rhetoric that nazis and other fucked up people use in order to commit mass-murder, until about a week ago where I started to read the points of ultra right-wingers/holocaust deniers in order to actually be able to argue against them. There was a common theme about Jews running the world, pulling the strings when it comes to western politicians (especially American politicians) and so on, and I must say there are things that I find compelling or hold some truth. I know i’m ill informed and haven’t researched enough, but for instance the “Jews are behind all wars” thing made me look into Israels stance when it came to the invasion of my country, Iraq. I found a video of Netanyahu basically promising the US that a regime change would make the region flourish, and spread democracy etc. He also spoke about in the same fashion about regime change in Iran and we all know the effects of the disastrous illegal invasion on Iraq. During that time, the media was heavily pushing a narrative of Iraq having WMDs, having connections with Al-Qaeda and so on, all proven to be fake. Then I heard what Kanye said about Jewish control of the media and the picture he showed to TMZ where it was blatant that the majority of major media outlets in he US were in fact owned by Jewish individuals. What do you as jews make of all this?

I also kept stumbling upon arguments between people who backed Ye and Jews on twitter, and what I found confusing is that the Jews kept repeating that it was only anti-semitic claims with no substance instead of actually arguing against the things that he said (Jews run Hollywood, media, finance etc). How do you as jews feel about this topic? Thanks

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