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Artist and non Jew here, I have a complicated question…

Artist and non Jew here, I have a complicated question…

So, I’m pretty sure that you all are aware of the Jewish stereotype of large noses. Cartoonishly large to dehumanize and disparage Jewish people. And I understand that Vampires have a history alongside that,

I have this character that used to be a vampire, and abusive. But isn’t any of those things anymore, and I draw him with a cartooonishly very large nose… (I am aware of the historical context of this and know it came from a place of antisemetic context)

although my intent wasn’t to be antisemetic (I actually always loved his nose and felt it was very beautiful) I feel there’s a large chance I could end up hurting people with this character. My big hang up is, I love and adore this character very much. I have a lot of art of him on my wall, a friend even gifted me a pillow with him on it. He is a huge part of my life and I have always cared deeply about him. And that love is even further intensified since I have autism. I don’t know if I am capable of changing the design since it’s who he is… but again, I don’t want to end up pushing antisemitism. Can I get some thoughts?

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