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Are we viewed as we view others?

When it comes to theologies.

What I’m curious about is – for example – as a Christian, we tend to look at Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses as a “confused deviations from correct theology”.

The vibe is usually just polite and tolerant. There’s no real animosity. We just think they totally missed the mark, and have gone down the wrong path.

When it comes to Judaism and Christianity, do you guys view us that way?

Is it a polite vibe of “they just picked the wrong guy as Messiah”. Or is it a little more intense than that. A little more animosity there. A little more “these guys are dangerous“.

I’ve always wondered what Jews think of Christians. Are we dangerously misinformed and worshiping an idol, or do you mostly just think we’re a harmless variation of Abrahamic religion?

DISCLAIMER: Be blunt! I am impossible to offend. 🙂 Truth matters more to me than warm fuzzies.

Sorry for the verbosity, this is a difficult thing for me to articulate.

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